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We are a boutique with 25 crew highly specialized in building absolute masterpieces but only just 20 boats on average a year. 

In the first decade Bernico has built its platform within the world of high speed sports boats.  Nico himself is a multiple world champion in offshore boat racing. Every world title he has won has been with a Bernico.  The continued attention to detail, high standard of build quality and extreme performance are the reason that Bernico boats are highly respected and used worldwide. 

Building on years of experience Bernico has set the standard in high-end performance boating industry. Every boat is semi- or fully custom designed and built in house. With our own R&D, vinylester/carbon department, upholstery, engineers, mechanics, electricians and outfitters we work together as one team; team BERNICO. Creativity and perfection is what makes each boat an absolute masterpiece.  

Today Bernico builds high performance ski boats starting from 11ft in length up to high-end luxury 60ft off-shore racing boats. Tenders ranging from 20 to 60ft with inboard or outboard engines.  

The strength of the brand BERNICO is the result of the passion and willpower of its owner and founder Nico Bertels. From the tender age of 11 Nico was determined to build his own boat.  Of course, the first attempt sank… Undeterred he persevered. His enthusiasm and passion kept him going. By the time he was 18 years old he managed to get sponsorship for 2 engines, but there wasn’t enough money to buy a twin-rig set up boat, so Nico had to build one by himself. Before the first Bernico was finished it was already sold and the company was born!

Building on years of experience BERNICO has set the standard in high-end performance boating industry. Every boat is custom designed and built in house. Creativity and perfection is what makes each boat and interior an absolute masterpiece.

BERNICO is a company that symbolizes passion for boatbuilding and excellence. With this passion, comes a commitment to deliver the very best in custom build tenders and performance boats. At BERNICO, we believe that a boat should always be able to withstand the roughest of conditions in comfort, without making any concessions to its performance capabilities. All materials and products undergo continual refinement in order to achieve the very best. This philosophy represents everything BERNICO stands for.

Our inhouse design team has brought this to the forefront with designs that offer the perfect balance between seaworthiness, functionality and performance. Every product that makes up a BERNICO is brought together and designed to act in an ergonomic configuration. The performance itself sets new standards and benchmarks in the industry. With our unwillingness to compromise, BERNICO will always strive to deliver beyond expectations.

Superior performance and control is achieved with remarkable design and manufacturing derived from experience in powerboat racing and building luxury tenders for a wide variety of clients. BERNICO works closely with the main engine suppliers to increase power and efficiency to reach optimal power-to-weight ratio. Ride quality is scrutinized throughout design, sea-trial testing, racing and experience obtained in the last 30 years. BERNICO continue to pursue research and testing with new materials to achieve the very best.

Some of the most talented and passionate craftsmen in the boatbuilding industry are brought together to build our tailor made boats suited to the requirements of our clients. Aligned with streamlined manufacturing equipment and a clean production processes, every boat is built with the highest quality standards in the industry. All boats are designed and built in Belgium.

Each BERNICO goes through a vacuum infusion process (VIP) for its laminated parts. This process not only draws benefits for operating under a clean and efficient working environment, but also brings performance and structural gains for the customer as well. The vacuum infusion process dramatically reduces the amount of air gaps that are typically left within the structure. With higher glass-to-resin ratio, the weight of the structural parts is reduced as much as 30% compared to the standard production open mold methods of lamination. Consequently, the parts are stronger and lighter which produces a faster and more fuel efficient boat.

The production of each BERNICO relies heavily on precision engineering. All aspects of the design are computer programmed into 3D files. This allows us to utilize CNC machinery like a water jet cutting machine to produce a variety of components such as hull sections, bulkhead, stringers and other parts within the exact tolerance required.

The bulkheads and stringers are made out of special reinforced construction foam that is stronger, more flame retardant, more sustainable and 40% lighter than laminated wooden parts. All of the materials used in the construction are of the highest quality, selected with an eye for detail, maintenance and longevity.

The craftsmanship of our skilled artisans ranges in all disciplines such as upholstery, lamination, electrical, mechanical, engineering and design. But the passion for building the best performance tenders and boats is what drives everyone at BERNICO to settle for nothing less.

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